Web optimised fixed price jewellery photography 
For web site use only. 
Maximum image size 1200pxls x 1200pxls (equivalent to 4" x 4" @300dpi) 
For print quality above this size, add £5 per shot. 

Option 1

(see examples below)

1 - 3 shots              £19.50 each
4 - 9 shots              £17.00 each
10 - 25 shots          £14.50 each
26+ shots               £13.00 each

Note:  These prices are for screen resolution images for use on ecommerce websites, social media and emails. 
Maximum image size 1200 pxls x 1200 pxls (equivalent to 4" x 4" @ 300dpi) For print quality above this size, add £5 per shot. 

These are  intended as the most economic means to supply clean fast loading images for web use only.

These charges do not include any styling or retouching, products must be supplied 'ready' for photography, products are shot as supplied.
Images are supplied via 'Dropbox' or can be emailed direct.

Images cannot be emailed for 'approval' if you wish to approve shots as they are taken, then the 'hourly rate' plus 'image capture/post production' charge will apply.