Image Preparation
(Equivalent to 'hand printing')

I provide a digital image preparation, service for photographers and keen amateurs.

In a world of digital imagery, traditional, 'hand printing' has once again become both popular and that bit special.

Putting a negative into an enlarger and “making” a print by hand, gives a print a hand crafted, individual feel.


As an award winning hand printer, when film was the only medium used to capture images.

I now apply my printing skills to digital images.


As a hand printer, I will apply my skill and experience to make the best of an image, from your digital images.

Images are individually, amended and adjusted, dodged and shaded for the very best results. 
Creating beautiful 'hand printed' digital images from your own images, either singly or in multiple files.

My image preparation also include retouching, if required.

Original image

Finished image

Original image