White Background Table Top Product Photography
Prices - 2022

(Not for jewellery or clothing, please call to discuss)

Shot rates for individual items / small groups up to 7 items

This guide is for simple small to medium sized table top products. - NO vat required.
Products to be supplied 'photo ready'. 

1-5 shots           £24 each 

6-10 shots         £20 each

11-20 shots        £15 each

21-30 shots        £12 each

31-40 shots        £10 each

40 shots and above, please call to discuss.

Prices include post production - camera RAW conversion, any required adjustments, and a general clean up in Photoshop of minor imperfections.

All images are supplied as high resolution JPG's. (other formats - by request)

Prices don't include cutting out (cut-outs from £5)

For larger, more complex items please contact me for a quote.


Images are uploaded to Dropbox for you to download (JPG format only)

All images are supplied in RGB @ 300dpi

More complex retouching is additional to these prices and charged by the hour.


If you have no current credit agreement with the studio, then payment is due upon receipt of an invoice and/or release of completed images. 

On occasions your images may have been uploaded for use prior to payment, in such cases, it is done in good faith! 

Please respect this and make sure that payment is made accordingly, within any agreed timeframe. 

Image1 reserves the right to withdraw image usage under UK COPYRIGHT LAW until full payment has been received.

Images that have been uploaded to the studio's 'Dropbox' account.

This means that your images are available via a 'shared folder', within IMAGE1’s Dropbox account.

This is not a folder 'within' your Dropbox account, merely a folder accessibly via 'your Dropbox account'.

Please don't confuse accounts, as the studio cannot be held responsible for lost data which is inadvertently uploaded to your 'shared folder' within the studio's Dropbox account.


Please download your images and save them to your desktop/hard drive.

When images are supplied via 'Dropbox' it is recommended that you write CD's or back-up these images yourselves.

Although the studio archives images to it's own back-up drives, as with any hardware, recovery cannot be guaranteed.

All images have a main 4 digit 'job reference number' followed by an image 'pose number' (eg. 4045_005) if renaming images, please keep this reference number available with them as part of the renaming process, as this is easily searched for if you ever require duplicate files.

A search fee may be charged for files which need to be re-supplied from our archives as this is often time consuming.